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blog_myersbriggsFrank Igwe, a Penn State Startup Week speaker, said that the key to being a successful entrepreneur is to:

“Figure out your superpower, then identify others’ superpowers…Build your team around those superpowers.”

A key entrepreneurial skill is knowing your own strengths, as well as your preferred type of communication and your most effective work style. It’s also important to be aware of others’ strengths, preferred communication, and work styles, especially people who you directly work with (e.g., teammates, employees, partners, board members, etc.).

One way you can determine this is to better understand your own personality type. The Jung/Myers-Briggs personality test is one way to do this. For this blog, do the following:

(1) Take the test: – Even if you’ve already taken it before, please take it again – My type has changed over time, so you never know if you’ll get a different outcome!

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How to Be Better at Customer Service

Great content from Joel Evans

Retailing: From A to Z by Joel Evans

Last week, we wrote about one aspect of customer service —the retailer’s return policy— and its impact on consumer satisfaction.
Today, we are presenting a broad-based infographic ongood customer servicethat was developed by  Exponential Solutions (The CUBE) Marketing. Thanks to Steve Hashman, one of the company founders, for providing the infographic.

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Are You Transparent?

Transparency – a view from Dream Build Seccess



In your business do you find yourself being Authentic or Transparent? Here’s the thing, you have a responsibility to be yourself and to be able to be clear with your audience as to how they can kinda step into your world. It’s okay to agitate and make them a little uncomfortable but you don’t want to completely repel them. There are certain things, frankly, that you don’t need to tell your audience. Depending on your archetype, being overly transparent can be irresponsible. Now, if the personality of your brand is peculiar or what we call a provocateur then being completely transparent with all your drama might be okay, as long as you’re consistent all the way through. But, authenticity should always be your priority because people like real people. People want to see themselves in your story.

For the most part I believe that people go into transparency mode because…

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How Much do you Want It?

Lessen to learn from Steve Keatiing


It’s surprising how many people are willing to accept something less than they claim to want rather then just doing the work required to get it.

I often hear people saying “it’s” too hard or “it’s” too much work. Truth be told, I’ve even said it myself too often. The fact of the matter is, if you don’t want something enough to really really work for it then you probably don’t want it enough to have it.

Most people are born pretty ordinary. There are clearly some who are born truly gifted and to whom “things” seem to come easier. Note the word “seem” there because if you’re not that person you really can’t say what challenges they may have overcome in order to use their “gifts.”

Then there are those people who seem to have extraordinary luck or abilities that the ordinary person just doesn’t have. I’ve envied those…

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7 Productivity-Boosting Apps for Busy Entrepreneurs

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Why Now Is the Best Time Ever for Women to Start Businesses

For most women entrepreneurs, the traditional startup funding model is broken. But Sallie Krawcheck, the former Wall Street executive turned entrepreneur, sees plenty of reasons for optimism. In her new book, Own It: The Power of Women at Work (Crown Business, 2017), Sallie Krawcheck writes about her triumphs and failures as one of the most … Continue reading Why Now Is the Best Time Ever for Women to Start Businesses